“Our Institute aims to live
the unity which reigned in the
family of Nazareth
and which Christ strongly recommended to his disciples:
unity of Spirit, of intentions and of works

Constitutions 104

“The government of our Institute has an executive
and administrative centre able to carry out its mission in the Church.
This centre usually acts through
the Superior General and her Council…”

Constitutions 103

Present Superior General:
Sister Mabel Asunción Vetti

Mandate 2019-2025

General Council:

First Counsellor: Sister María del Carmen Scavuzzo

Second Counsellor: Sister Natalina Fenaroli

Third Counsellor: Sister María Dolores Pérez de Anucita

Fourth Counsellor: Sister María Laura Quadranti

Secretary: Sister  María Laura Quadranti

Treasurer: Sister  María del Carmen Scavuzzo


/The Institute/ “is organized in Regions
and local Communities
made up of Sisters bound by the same consecration
and by the same way of shared life”

Constitutions 105


Regional Superior:
Sister Natalina Fenaroli
Mandate 2019-2022

First Counsellor and Treasurer:  Sister Maria Giuliana Sartelli

Second Counsellor and Secretary:  Sister Maria Luciana Sartelli


Regional Superior:
Sister Dolores Pérez de Anucita
Mandate 2019-2022

First Counsellor: Sister Visitación García

Second Counsellor and Secretary: Sister María del Rosario Gallego

Treasurer: Sister María Jacinta Morón

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