List of Events in Chronological Order
1867 Birth of Sofia Iaconis (Casino, Italy)
1874 Maria Fabiano founds the Congregation of the Daughters of the Immaculate Conception (Casino)
1886 Sofia Iaconis enters the Novitiate of the Daughters of the Immaculate. She receives the name Maria Eufrasia.
1887 The Institute moves to Rome.
1892 Beginning of troubles for the Institute. Anonymous complaints lodged with the Holy Office.
1893 Departure of Mother Eufrasia for Argentina, with seven women religious. Start of the Mission in the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires.
1894 Establishment of a Community in the Italian Hospital of Santa Fe and Colonies.
1896 Inauguration of the Novitiate and Immaculate Conception School in Buenos Aires. Service of assistance in the Pirovano Hospital.
1898 Service in the Italian Hospital of Rosario.
1899 Opening of the nursery school and Sagrado Corazón di Jesús School in Concepción del Uruguay. Management of the Casa degli Esposti in Córdoba.
1900 Apostolic visitation starts in Rome.
1901 Dissolution of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Immaculate Conception by the Holy Office. Mother Eufrasia travels to Rome.
1902 Mother Eufrasia returns to Argentina. Diocesan reorganization of the Congregation.
1903 Inauguration of Immaculate School, Rosario
1904 Approval of the Constitutions and the formal beginning of the new Congregation in Argentina with the name “Daughters of the Divine Mother”. In December, His Holiness Pope Pius X approves the name “Daughters of the Immaculate Conception”.
1905 Inauguration of the children’s nursery school called Our Lady of Guadalupe (Santa Fe)
1908 Opening of Our Lady of the Snow School and kindergarten (Córdoba)
1912 Foundation of an Oratory and Novitiate in Milan.
1916 Death of Mother Eufrasia in the Pirovano Hospital of Buenos Aires.
1922 Founding of Sagrado Corazón School (Cordoba)
1934 Decree of praise (“Decretum Laudis”).
1934 Founding of Our Lady of Carmen School
1939 Founding of the Holy Spirit Institute in Rome, Italy
1941 Approval of the Constitutions. Congregation of Pontifical Right
1947 Beginning of the mission in Spain.
1954 Opening of the San José School in Buenos Aires
1955 Start of the mission in Brazil.
1958 Founding in Abechucho, Spain. Opening of the Novitiate of Monte Grande, Province of Buenos Aires
1959 Opening of the Novitiate in Grottaferrata, Italy.
1962 Start of the Cause for Canonization of Mother Pierina.
1963 Founding of the school “Vergine del Carmen de Cuyo”, Maipú, Argentina.
1967 Taking possession of the Hospital of Piratini, Brazil.
1976 Inauguration of the Home Juan XXXIII, Colonia Caroya, Argentina.
1978 Management of the Centre for Childhood “Santa Rosalia”, Madrid, Spain.
1985 Founding of  a work at Mota del Cuervo, Spain.
199… Opening of the Formation House of San Leopoldo, Brazil.
1995 Beginning of the Process for Canonization of Mother Eufrasia.
1996 Translation of the mortal remains of Mother Eufrasia to the chapel in the Mother House.
1998 Founding of works in Valdivia, Chile and Zinapécuaro, Mexico
2001 Establishment of a Community in Binago, Italy
2004 Celebrations for the Centenary of the Diocesan Approval of the Institute
2010 Beatification of Mother Pierina De Micheli
2016 Celebration of the Centenary of the birth in heaven of Mother Eufrasia Iaconis.
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