This House Museum was inaugurated and blessed on 11 November 2011, in the presence of Civil and Ecclesiastical authorities. The forthcoming exhibitions, both from her permanent collection as well as from temporary collections, will be put on display thanks to the contribution of items that have been generously donated by all the Congregation’s works.

Various teams of specialists in architecture, museology and history were engaged in the task of preserving the objects and documents, identifying them and their historical context, as well as renovating the building.

The fundamental purpose of the exhibition of the historical heritage is to recall the apostolic commitment of the Servant of God and, at the same time, to honour her contemporaries who shared in her effort and work.

The itinerary comprises various rooms in which the visitor can admire and appreciate:


ROOM 1Mother Eufrasia’s arrival in buenos aires in 1893 and the works she started in her lifetime


ROOM 2The gifts the Daughters of the Immaculate Conception
placed at the service of the church and the community


ROOM 3Mother Eufrasia’s bedroom


ROOM 4Kitchen


ROOM 5The apostolic work in hospitals


ROOM 6Liturgical objects and fabrics


On the occasion of the centenary of Mother Euphrasia’s Departure to Heaven, the group of specialists working there organized an exhibition called: “Voices in the ‘Mother Eufrasia House Museum’”.

The scope of the Museum is to bring the exhibits to life, whose identity emerges from the words found in the documents, carefully selected. Thanks to the cooperation of teachers, students and friends of the Congregation, these texts have stopped being writing as they have been transposed into voice. Recorded voices enliven the work of the pioneers who, day by day, wrote the history of the Community. Visitors can thus appreciate their fortitude and the efforts Mother Eufrasia and her Daughters expended in the early years of this religious family’s life and works.



Humahuaca 3696,
City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.



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